APR 28, 2020


JONESBORO, AR – (April 28, 2020) – City Water and Light (CWL), in partnership with TurningPoint Energy (TPE), announced today the development of a solar power system totaling 13.25 megawatts (MW).  The system marks the first solar power project for CWL, affirming its commitment to bring clean, cost-effective solar power to its customers and community.

The solar system will be developed and constructed as a turnkey solution by TPE, a clean energy development company that works with utilities to customize solar projects throughout the United States. Construction is planned to begin during the summer of 2021, and the system should be operational and generating clean, sustainable energy for CWL electricity customers by December of 2021.  The solar power system will support 125 jobs in Arkansas in the form of consultants, engineers, construction, and related workers.

CWL will own the system, which will generate an estimated total of 24,292 megawatt-hours during the first year of operation.  That is enough power to supply roughly 1,600 homes with electricity annually.  As a zero-emission energy generation resource, the system is also the equivalent of adding 22,430 acres of U.S. forest storing carbon for one year or taking 3,711 cars off the road for the year.

“With the impending cease to use coal dates of 2028 and 2030 for our coal plants at White Bluff and Independence respectively, this resource will be a great addition to our generation portfolio.  It will provide clean, sustainable energy and price certainty for our customers for many years. We are excited to partner with TPE to bring solar powered energy to our community,” said Jake Rice, Manager, CWL.

CWL has coordinated closely with TPE to conduct preliminary site feasibility studies to ensure an optimum location.  After a rigorous site selection process, the system is planned to be located on approximately 98 acres near Nestle Way and Great Dane Drive.

“We are honored to partner with CWL to provide a turnkey solar solution from development to construction to operation for a clean, seamless generation resource within the CWL portfolio and its community,” said Jared Schoch, president of TurningPoint Energy.  “Now it’s time to deliver on the commitments we have made by bringing the best solar industry providers to Jonesboro to actualize this project.”