The Board of Trustees of the Southern Arkansas University System met Tuesday, October 9, on the campus of SAU Tech in Camden to discuss an 11-item agenda that included updates from Dr. Trey Berry, president of SAU, and Jason Morrison, chancellor of SAU Tech.

According to a press release, Berry told the Board that SAU is considering a long-term energy-savings contract that would involve fitting the entire campus, all buildings and athletic facilities, with LED lights. Energy-saving upgrades to the HVAC system as well as other solar energy initiatives might be included, based on results of an audit on the campus. Berry said some areas of campus might be useful for solar farms.

SAU would pay for the upgrades with its savings, though if the company is inaccurate in predicting how much the University saves, “they write us a check,” Berry said.

Trustees would ultimately decide whether to participate in the program. Berry said that after the audit is completed in January, he will present a full plan to the Board. “This will help us all out both in the near future, and in the distant future,” he said.

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