Steve Patterson, Arkansas Advanced Energy Association Executive Director and
Tom Kiernan, American Wind Energy Association CEO

The U.S. has some of the world’s best wind energy resources. Combining this natural resource with American innovation and advances in manufacturing is one of the reasons that last year we generated more electricity using wind than any other country. It’s also why, in many parts of the country, wind is the cheapest source of new electric generating capacity.

However, to truly maximize our wind power potential, we need to transport clean, affordable energy from the windiest regions to areas where demand for electricity is highest.

To do this, we must update the U.S. electric grid by building new transmission infrastructure to allow more Americans access to low-cost wind energy. The Plains & Eastern Clean Line project will do just that.

This critical infrastructure project will be connected to the Arkansas grid and deliver enough energy to Arkansas to supply more than 160,000 homes. That’s why we oppose a bill under consideration in Congress, HR 3062, which makes it more difficult to build interstate transmission line projects that connect the best renewable energy resources in North America to communities and cities that lack access to low-cost renewable power.

The Plains & Eastern Clean Line project will reduce electricity production costs by $65 million in the first year of operation, and a University of Arkansas study concluded that nearly 900 jobs will be created during construction. The project will create jobs and contribute much needed revenues to local communities. That’s good for Arkansas consumers and businesses.

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