FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December, 18, 2015

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LITTLE ROCK: State utility energy efficiency program targets will be fixed at 0.90% for electric and 0.50% for gas through 2019 when the electric utility target will rise to a full 1 percent, based on the latest order issues Thursday by Arkansas Public Service Commissioners. Targets are based on percentage of retail sales in 2015.

In reaching its decision, the APSC concurred with findings of a recent Potential Study by Navigant that federal efficiency mandates for lighting and appliances will increase savings requirements among specific measures that have been a significant source of savings credits in recent years. The public utilities maintained that not only might these savings be harder to obtain, but it will take time for the companies to develop and implement corresponding programs.

The Arkansas Advanced Energy Association (AAEA) and its allies, including Audubon, Sierra Club and the state community action agencies argued that new targets should be set for electric IOUs at 1.0% for three years, 2017 – 2019, and concurred with the 0.5% target for natural gas IOUs through the three years.

AAEA noted that both Entergy and SWEPCO, the state’s two largest utilities, already were exceeding 1% in energy savings of retail sales and utility energy saving measures were meeting and exceeding cost-effectiveness tests.

In the end, the Commissioners struck a balance between AAEA, its colleagues, and the IOUs in setting new energy savings targets for PY 2017-2019.

This week’s order, which can be found here: is the second in two weeks regarding continuation of the state’s utility energy efficiency programs. Last week’s order will allow inclusion of non-energy benefits in the cost-effectiveness test for EE programs, which should enhance the menu of incentives available to customers.

Report Shows EERS Boosts Arkansas Energy Efficiency Economy by 44% Since 2010
The Energy Efficiency (EE) industry in Arkansas has developed into a strong and reliable job creator in Arkansas since the Energy Efficiency Resource Standard (EERS) went into effect in January 2011, according to data released by the Arkansas Advanced Energy Foundation (AAEF). Click here for report.

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