Sun City Solar Energy, a leading regional full service provider of solar panel design and installation, has just installed the first integrated solar shingle roofing system in the region on the new Saint-Gobain manufacturing facility in Bauxite, AR, according to company President/CEO, Pam Speraw.

Sun City Solar Energy is a member of the Arkansas Advanced Energy Association.  The company has both a commercial and residential solar contractor license with more than 35 years of experience.

The solar system includes 200 solar shingles, featuring integrated, high-efficiency polycrystalline silicon solar cells with a power rating of 54 watts per module.  These monocrystalline silicon solar cells are designed to capture and convert more solar energy per square foot than other solar solutions, Speraw said.

Speraw said that unlike the traditional rack mounted system, the slim profile of the solar shingle system provides a clean integrated look which creates a greater aesthetic by lying flat and visually blending in with the surrounding roof shingles.  This new system is also designed to be lightweight and much more durable and wind-resistant.   All of these design changes reflect improvements to the traditional solar cell and appeal to a much larger potential customer base.

Saint-Gobain Solar is the parent company to CertainTeed, who manufactures the Apollo Solar Shingle Roofing System, and selected Sun City Solar Energy to perform the installation of this system.

“Solar technologies continue to improve year after year, and it is always so exciting to see what’s next,” Speraw said.  “Sun City Solar hopes to be this region’s premier installer of this latest wave of new technology for both residential and commercial buildings.”  The Apollo Solar Shingle Roofing System can be installed on existing as well as new roofs.

Speraw said that business for Sun City Solar Energy increases every year by about 25% “so it is clear that the solar industry is on the rise in Arkansas”.  A few of Sun City Solar Energy’s recent projects include the University of Arkansas, the City of Springdale, the City of North Little Rock, and North Little Rock Electric.

Contact Pam Speraw with Sun City Solar Energy for additional information.  (501) 412-1513;