Legislation that would set a renewable energy generation target of 1200 megawatts in Arkansas has now drawn 14 cosponsors, including the Co-Chair of the Joint Energy Committee, Sen. Linda Chesterfield, according to William Ball, AAEA member and owner of Stellar Sun Shop.

HB1390, the Distributed Generation Act, was introduced last month by Rep. Warrick Sabin, D-Little Rock, and Rep. John Hutchison, R-Harrisburg.  If enacted, the bill would authorize the Public Service Commission to create long term power purchase agreements between utilities and renewable energy producers from resources including solar, wind, hydropower, geothermal and biomass.

Referred to the Joint Energy Committee, HB 1390 has been endorsed by AAEA.  Other cosponsors include Senators Joyce Elliott, D-Little Rock; Uvalde Lindsey, D-Fayetteville; David Johnson, D-Little Rock; Stephanie Flowers, D-Pine Bluff; Jon Woods, R-Springdale and David Burnett, D-Osceola; and Representatives Deborah Ferguson, D-West Memphis; Greg Leding, D-Fayetteville; Frederick Smith, D-Crawfordsville; David Whitaker, D-Fayetteville; and Charles Armstrong, D-Little Rock.